Cassie the skating Star Angel

Wings of a Skater! is the 17th episode of Season 30.


Cassie practices her ice skating skills in hopes to beating Vivica in the Disney Junior Town Star Grace Skating Competition, and hopefully, her new skate skill Star Angel will help her achieve.


The episode begins at the skating rink where Cassie is practicing her ice skating. She was getting those moves down after learning how to ice skate with her Wisher Lila, and best of all, Cassie learned how to make those amazing jumps from the holo-vids of the other ice skaters she recorded on her Star Zap. While she was skating, Cassie turned to see her friends cheering, waving, and shouting encouraging words. Seeing them on the bleachers made Cassie more confident as she was glad that they’ve come to watch her practice. Miles’ eyes widened and sparkled when suddenly, the scenery around the rink became brighter and he could see that Cassie has sprouted out angel wings from her back, which amazes him. Then, as Cassie did a spin, her imaginary angel wings were still on her back and the scenery changes from a blue light background to a field of pink flowers and flower petals fell from the sky like pink snow. Everyone was astounded by this scene as Cassie jumped, spun, and landed gracefully on her skates.

Powers that Kwazii used

  • Magical aura reading


  • The episode’s scene of Cassie ice skating and showing off her Star Angel move is similar to Homare Kagayaki’s ice skating scene from the new Hugtto! Precure eighth episode “Homare Withdraws!? The Skating Prince's Fast Approach!”.
  • The Hugtto! Precure OST Music, Embrace the Sparkling Future, is played in the scene of Cassie ice skating and practicing her new moves in the ice rink.


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